Sleep less and gain fat!

FIT TIP: We all know that sleep is an essential bodily function to recharge and regenerate. Maintaining a regular sleep pattern is even more vital for those people engaging in intense physical exercise. However, a new study also provides a link between lack of sleep and gaining fat! According to the recent US study, if you only sleep up to 6 hours per night, you are prone to  fill your extra waking hours with extra calories!

Researchers from Columbia University found that sleep-deprived study participants consumed an average of nearly 300 calories per day more than those who had a full night’s sleep. Troublingly, the majority of the extra calories were in the form of saturated fat.

The researchers also found a difference in calorie intake between male and female study subjects, with women consuming an average 329 calories and men an average 263 calories.

Always try and maintain a regular 7-8 hour sleep pattern per night, not only to help your body recharge, but also to ensure you don’t start eating more!

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