Monitor your ‘screen time’

FIT TIP: As I’ve mentioned before, technology has saved us from using 800 calories per day of energy.  This means our chances of getting fat are higher than ever before.  The biggest culprits are your TV and your computer.  I’m not talking about your work computer, which may be an 8 hour staring marathon for a lot of you.  I’m referring to your home time usage.  Try keeping a journal for a week, and record the hours that you watch TV and sit at your home computer. The results could surprise you! Then make a plan to decrease these hours.  Start out slow.  Cut out those TV hours where your favourite shows aren’t on. Limit your evening web surfing to a specific time.  And use your new spare time to improve your health and fitness in some way. Go for a walk, a run, join a fitness class (such as the Busy Body group fitness evening session) or maybe just do some housework.  MOVE again, and burn off those calories!

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