‘Beer belly’ – the silent killer

FIT TIP: As the years start ticking by, we often succumb to the ‘mid life spread’, often resulting in what has been termed a ‘beer belly’ – the round stomach bump that forms mainly on men and starts to make them look rather pregnant (with a baby keg perhaps). Hovever, beer is not to blame in most cases. The cause of this is ‘visceral fat’, which is the fat that stores internally around the organs. This fat grows to such a level that it starts to squeeze the organs and push them out, which is why if you ever touch a ‘beer belly’, it will actually feel hard. That is because you are touching the stomach which has been pushed outwards by the fat inside!! This is a VERY dangerous condition and is a silent killer.

Females are much less prone to this condition, because they tend to store fat subcutaneously (that is, just under the skin). Because this is much more visible, the appearance can be much worse than visceral fat, however the health risk is nowhere near as high. But be aware – high levels of fat in females also means that the visceral fat rating will increase to dangerous levels.

At the Busy Body studio, we have a very fancy piece of equipment that uses electrical impulses and can determine your visceral fat rating!!

So how can we get rid of visceral fat??  The same way we reduce all other forms of fat. Your best options are a healthy eating plan, strength training (once per week), and high intensity cardio (2-3 times per week).

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