About us

About us

Dumbell rowRoss became involved with health and fitness as early as 5 years old, when his parents enrolled him at a local soccer club. His passion for sports has continued right through to the current day, where he plays a wide variety of sporting pursuits. For the last 13 years, Ross has also been heavily involved with strength training, and a member of many different gyms.

Ross literally lives and breathes his philosophy where the benefits of exercise transcend into all aspects of life. Over this time he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the science of strength and sports conditioning. This culminated in 2009 when Ross graduated from MAX International College for Fitness Professionals with a Specialised Fitness Business Diploma.

Since then he has added to this formal skills set with an Advanced Padmasters Focus Pad Boxing qualification, has completed a Muay Thai kickboxing pad course, and has just completed the Advanced Business Diploma program, also through MAX.

Ross is a registered member of “REPs”, the Register of Exercise Professionals who govern the fitness industry in NZ. To view Ross’ profile with REPs, click here.

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