Imagine knowing exactly what your body needs for optimum health, all based on your genes.

Before we even discuss your training program, we require you to complete your epigenetic profile with us first!


Are you living with constant pain, tightness or general discomfort in your body? Do you get cramps or injuries in the same places? If you answered yes to any of that, you have a dysfunctional and stressed body. We look at your overall holistic movement before creating a plan for you.


We understand that life is busy enough without exercise trying to take over.

We won the Innovation of the Year at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards for our time-efficient training solution.

Welcome to busy body personal training.

Exercise in Your Genes

Our goal is to help very busy business people look and feel amazing by moving, eating and living to their true genetic potential. We combine the latest sciences of Epigenetics, Holistic Movement and our award-winning time-efficient 12-minute exercise system to provide the most unique and complete health solution.

Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm

For your weekday workout!

6 Days

a week

Saturday 8am - 12pm

For your weekend workout!

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